ZEST'17 Registration Rules

 • An amount of Rs.150 per person shall be charged for the Registration Phase I which lasts till 20th December, 2016 Midnight (Extended till December 25th Midnight).
 • An amount of Rs.150 per person (Phase I) ensures participation in as many individual events of ZEST'17 as the participant wishes to get registered for.

 • Walk in registrations open at St. Xavier's College, Jaipur between 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

 • Accommodation Phase I includes accommodation for out-station participants for 3 days along with Food Coupon of Rs.80 per day.

 • By Participating in Zest, the participants agree to be bound by the following official rules and by the decision of the Students’ Council of St. Xavier's College, Jaipur.

 • Every participant must carry his/her college ID/bonafide and printed registration receipt, in absence of which entry shall not be permitted.

 • Judges’ scoring shall stand as the final result in all competitions. The decision of the students' council shall be binding and supreme in case of any further issues.

 • Any team/ participant caught using unfair means shall be immediately disqualified.

 • Any gesture / speech / idea that can be perceived as being offensive to any gender, sexual orientation, nation or religious sentiments will lead to immediate disqualification.

 • Any misbehavior on part of the participants will lead to potential expulsion & will reflect on their college.

 • Kindly contact specific event coordinators for queries relating to number of participants, multiple entries, use of props, event fee etc.

 • Kindly bear in mind that all venues are subject to change.

 • Carrying the following items inside college campus is strictly prohibited & will lead to immediate expulsion & potential legal action.

  •  Sharp objects, inflammable objects, and/or any other object that is potentially dangerous.
  •  Beverage with alcoholic content.
  •  Narcotics, drugs, cigarettes or additives of any sort.

 • Profanity / Obscenity in any form will lead to immediate disqualification & possible expulsion.

 • Participants must report 1 hour before the events begin, and 2 hours before the flagship events begin .

 •On the spot registrations for all the events will close 45 minutes prior to the begining of the event .

 • Kindly check the schedule before registration so that none of your selected events clash. ZEST'17 committee is not responsible for any event clashes.


Registration Phase I

Registration Fee: Rs. 150 /- per head

Last Date: 20th December, 2016 (Extended till 25th December)


Accommodation Phase I

Registration Fee: Rs. 400 /- per head

Last Date: 20th December, 2016 (Extended till 25th December)



Registration Phase II

Registration Fee: to be disclosed

Date: 26th December 2016 - 12th January, 2017


Accommodation Phase II

Registration Fee: to be disclosed

Date: 26th December 2016 - 12th January, 2017


Registration Form


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