Oratory Events


Words! Words! Words!

Pick them up from well of nothingness and they fail to mean anything. They are empty. Interpret them from your wearing and let solace find you amidst the chaos of your conscience, desire, and emotions.


Tark Vitark

Hindi Debate

  If you share a passion for Hindi and for an unabashed exchange of voices and ideas, this is for you. It sets the stage for intellectual discourse – for thoughtful people to ponder over important issues. Form an opinion, craft an argument around that opinion, and then deliver that argument to convince an audience, while engaging with their peers. The debate also seeks to encourage the study of Hindi language and to foster it by creating an atmosphere conducive to speaking, writing, thinking in, and listening to Hindi.  

Rules & Regulations:

  1. It is a team event, consisting of two members each
  2. Each team will be represented by two speakers, one speaking against the motion and the other, for the motion
  3. Topic will be disclosed in the third week of January, 2019
  4. Time duration to present the arguments will be 3 minutes. A warning buzzer will sound after two and a half minutes
  5. Marks will be deducted for exceeding the time limit
  6. Rebutting and Interjection will follow each speech, for two minutes. It will be moderated by a Chairperson
  7. Participants will be disqualified for using slangs and unparliamentary expression
  8. Judges’ decision shall be binding and final

Judgement Criteria:

  1. Content and argument
  2. Confidence
  3. Body language
  4. Articulation
  5. Wit
  6. Rebuttal and interjection



Shree Krishna Soni

Rishabh Banthia



Sense & Sensibility

English Debate

There is nothing more powerful than logic and reason used wisely to prove a point. It's your chance to pull the argument in your favour, exhibit your oratory skills and come out as a champion. Let your voice be above all and let your vistas be the reason for your victory! Team Cap: There shall be a total of 20 (subject to change, if the college deems fit) teams and the registration shall be done on first come first serve basis.   Topic for English Debate: The house believes Science has created more means of deaths than lives.  

Rules and Regulations:

  1. This is a team event
  2. Each team consists of two members
  3. Team members will be marked separately
  4. Topic will be announced in the first week of January, 2019
  5. Each debate battle between two teams will last for 16 minutes. One team will either affirm or oppose the motion
  • Opening Presentation: 10 minutes
Each team is allowed to make an opening presentation. Presentations alternate between the two teams, beginning with the first student arguing for the motion. The second team member is then allowed 2 minutes to challenge the opening presentations made by the opponents. The speaking order will be as follows:
  • A1 – presents the affirmative arguments - (3 minutes)
  • B1 – presents the opposition arguments - (3 minutes)
  • A2 – challenges the arguments made by the opponents - (2 minutes)
  • B2 – challenges the arguments made by the opponents - (2 minutes)
  • Questions: 4 minutes
Teams will be allowed to pose one question each to their opponents. Teams have two minutes each to answer. The speaking order will be as follows;
  • Team A poses a question and Team B answers the question (2 minutes)
  • Team B poses a question and Team A answers the question (2 minutes)
Final Remarks: 2 minutes Each team is then allowed up to one minute to sum up the arguments. The time limit of the speech must be strictly adhered to and the speaker will be asked to stop 10 seconds past the allotted time.

Judgment Criteria:

  1. Knowledge of the topic
  2. Content
  3. Delivery
  4. Use of argument
  5. Questions & responses
  6. Team work


Yashwant Sharma +91.9414293211

Jagriti Parakh +91. 7877010449

Bard Wars

Poetry Slam

  “Words are the most inexhaustible source of magic.” Do you have the power to weave stories out of words and woo your audience? Can you play in metaphors and talk with brimming emotions? If yes, then voice the poet in you and take us on a heart-warming journey to the vistas of your imagination.    

Rules and Regulations:

  1. This is an individual event with one entry per person
  2. Poetry can be either in Hindi or in English
  3. Participants have to mail their entries to [email protected] latest by 28 January 2019
  4. Only selected participants will perform on stage
  5. Each entry must be original. Plagiarism (from copyright work or an internet publication e.g. WordPress blogs/Watt Pad blogs) would lead to disqualification
  6. Each participant will get 5 minutes to recite his/her poem; exceeding the time limit may lead to a deduction of points
  7. Content should not be defamatory/ abusive towards any race, religion, community, person or place
  8. Judges' decision will be final and binding

Judgement Criteria

  1. Originality
  2. Execution
  3. Expression
  4. Articulation and modulation



Namrata Karamchandani

Deepali Dosi





Spell Bee

 “To err is human.” Or is it so?

Are you someone who double checks the autocorrect? Or the one who decries grammatical errors? If so, then get on this ship; we are sailing to a better, grammatically correct haven, because a Grammar Nazi once said, “In this world full of typos and internet lingo, be a full-length, correct spelling.”    

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Team size: 2 Members
  2. All material required by participants will be provided by the organizers
  3. Entire event will be presented in British English; participants are required to follow the same
  4. Use of 'American English' will result in negative marking
  5. Judges will determine whether the word has been spelled correctly or not
  6. If the spelling is incorrect, the participant will be eliminated
  7. Organizers hold the right to disqualify teams, if necessary
    Round 1: Power Spell
  • Participants will have to solve a questionnaire, given in MCQ format
  • The given question shall be the correct definition of any one of the four options in the questionnaire
  • Time limit: 20 minutes
    Round 2: Buzz the Buzzer
  • Teams will be provided with buzzers
  • First one to buzz once the word is pronounced, will be given a chance to spell the word
  • If the spelled word is incorrect, next team to buzz will get the chance
  • Each team will get only one chance to spell the word
  • Any kind of misconduct will lead to disqualification
  Round 3: Rapid Fire
  • One member will represent his/her team for this round
  • Respective member has to spell as many words correctly as he/she can, within the given time limit
  • Time limit: 1 minute 30 seconds


Namrata Karamchandani

Pallavi Baheti




Just a Minute

  “You have a minute, to win it.” Can you sum up the broad vistas of your knowledge in a span of 60 seconds? Can you manage to move swiftly and voice your varying opinions without fumbling? Can you manage to sail through the battle against time? It is after all worthwhile!  

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Participants must report at the venue one hour prior to the event
  2. You will be randomly allotted a slot with 4 other participants
  3. Each bout will run for 10 minutes (one minute for each jammer and then 5 minutes of random transitions, depending on the interjections)
  Each bout will run in the following manner:
  • For the first 5 minutes, each participant will be invited, in rotation, to speak for one minute on a given subject (which they will not be informed of in advance), without "hesitation, repetition or deviation"
  • After 5 minutes, the ‘first’ jammer gets a chance to speak again. The player who makes a correct interjection takes over the subject until he/she is correctly interjected
  • The person speaking at the end of the 10th minute shall be awarded 3 points
  The three golden rules will be applicable as follows:
    • "Hesitation" must be avoided: a momentary pause in speaking can give rise to a successful challenge, as can tripping over one's words
    • "Repetition" of any word or phrase can be challenged, although challenges based on very common words, such as "and", shall be rejected (except in extreme cases). Words contained in the given subject shall be exempted unless repeated many times in quick succession
    • "Deviation" at any point will lead to negative marking. It includes deviating from the given subject, as well as "deviating from the English language as we know it", "deviation from grammar as we understand it", deviating from the truth, and deviating from logic.
  • To object, participants must press the buzzer and say “JAM”. The JAM master decides when you are allowed to put forth your objection
  • JAM master might employ ‘special rules’, which must be followed. For example, usage of the word ‘what’ must be avoided, or participants must compliment one of their fellow contestants before starting to speak.
  You get a penalty if the competition objects on any of the following counts:
  • You object out of turn
  • You stutter, stammer, and generally indulge in “time-wasting tactics”. These include efforts to buy time like interspersing your talk with “uhh”, “aah” etc…
  • Early start and late start
  • Speaking too fast or too slow
  • Grammatical errors
  • Undue stress on words, undue emphasis in the sentences
  • Repetition of a previously used idea
  • Not following the ‘special rules’ as set by the JAM master
  Points are given in the following manner:
  • Positive point for every second that you speak
  • Positive points for every correct objection
  • Negative points for every incorrect objection
  • Bonus points for being the last speaker
Organizing committee has the right to alter the rules, change or cancel the time, venue and the event itself    



Harsh Pal Singh

Jagriti Parakh



The Big Bang Theory


  Pop culture, history, statistics, economic, current affairs, Olympics, theater, literature… a bit from all the diverse fields brought together in one voice. If you have been called “the know-it-all” or “the newspaper geek” way too often, then this is definitely where you belong. It's about time you put all the “Did you know?” facts to use. Get ready to be bamboozled!  

Rules and Regulations:

  1. This is a team event
  2. Team size: 2 members
  3. The event comprises of 5 rounds
  4. Participants shall not be allowed to use mobile phones or any other electronic gadget
  5. In case of a tie in any round, there will be a tie-breaker which will be declared by the Quiz Master on-spot
  6. Further details about the rounds will be disclosed on the day of the event



Ojaswi Singh Rathore

Udbhav Pandey



Pen Weapon

(Creative Writing)

  Ever let a pen spill over the canvas of your imagination? Words, we see, have been known to be capable of building dream castles. Are you willing to be the director of your story? From sieving to molding till the final piece, the formation, design, and desire lie in your hands. Spell a magic and let your free will carve because some places are not only beautiful to visit, but stay.    

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Participants have to write a creative piece based on the theme given in any format they prefer
  2. Time limit: 1 hour
  3. Word limit: 100-1000 words
  4. Abstain from plagiarism
  5. Language should be concrete and simple
  6. Avoid digression
  7. Judges' decision will be final and binding

Judgement Criteria

  1. Concept
  2. Presentation
  3. Structure and plot



Namrata Karamchandani

Rangoli Sharma



One Mic Stand

Stand Up Comedy

  Voices glazed with joy paint a beautiful vista! Smiles which follow laughter are rare, and some moments promise to stay. Have you ever been the eye candy to escape-seekers? Do you wish to delve into lives and spirits of people to etch characters out of your hobby of people watching? Or do you wish to project the coarse truths or hypocrisy of the society in a lighter mood? Either way, we have the mic for you. Scratch, scrutinize and pun it up!    

Registration Rules:

  1. Participants are advised to register in advance
  2. On-spot registrations depend on the availability of slots

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Participants can register individually or in a team of two
  2. Use of props is allowed, only if, brought in by the participant. However, organizers hold the discretion of allowing it on stage
  3. It is a bilingual competition. Use of both the languages, Hindi and English, is allowed
  4. Decision of the judge(s) will be final and binding
  5. Profanity and obscenity will lead to disqualification
  6. Subtlety will go a long way. Abusing will be a one-way ticket to elimination
  7. Organizers will not be responsible if you are unable to show up on time and miss your slot
  The event comprises of two rounds: Round 1: Elimination Round (5 minutes)
  • Participants must prepare a script beforehand to perform on stage.
  • Each participant will get 5 minutes of stage time (Content Division – 2 mins: as per their choice and 3 mins: according to the theme of Zest' 19)
  Judgement Criteria:
  1. Content
  2. Spontaneity
  3. Use of theme
  4. Presentation
  5. Sense of humour
  Round 2: Finals (4 to 5 minutes)
  • Selected participants from Round 1 will be informed by the coordinator
  • Participants have to bring their material script, and perform for a live audience
  Judgement Criteria:
  1. Content
  2. Fluency
  3. Stage presence
  4. Sense of humour
  5. Audience engagement


Jeevesh Karamchandani (+91.9166049808)


Pallavi Parakh (+91.7877439013)