Fashion Events


“I express when I speak, I impress when I move, and I make heads turn around when I dazzle!”

Now, to dazzle is not only when it’s about shimmers but confidence, attire, walking stance, and attitude to.

So, get ready to step up as you glam up because all that dim lights await are shining stars.



Fashion Show


Fashion is revolution. How, you ask?

Change is constant and ideas change with time, and what these ideas morph into always enrobes humanity, either its psyche or its body. You can ever see renewed revolution in fashion. And as force is to be reckoned with, are you up for any revolution? If so then buckle your stilettos, walk the ramp and set a revolution at ‘Panache’.  

Registration Rules:

  1. This is a team event. Each team can have 12-14 members as performers and 4-6 members as volunteers. At the most, 2 helpers among volunteers for giving lights and sounds cue must be there
  2. Pre-registration (online or offline) is compulsory for all the teams
  3. More than one team from a college is allowed
  4. For qualifying as a participant team, teams must send a 2 to 3 minutes video of past performance or a part of their sequence for prelims to [email protected]. A confirmation mail will be sent to selected teams, which shall include payment details
  5. Teams must complete the registration procedure (including payment) to be a part of the final event
  6. The event comprises of two rounds:

Round 1:

  • Every team will showcase their theme and will be judged on their prepared sequence
  • Time limit- 8-10 minutes (including stage preparation and set up)
  • No props will be provided

Round 2:

  • Each team will nominate 4 participants – 2 boys and 2 girls for the Best Male and Best Female Model (prior to the event)
  • Nominated participants will be given a prop on the spot which has to be used while they walk and pose. Music track will be played on the spot.

General Rules:

  1. Theme selection is open to the teams
  2. Teams should carry their music tracks in a pen drive or CD. Use of AUX is prohibited
  3. Participants are relied upon to carry with them, all the apparels, props and music CDs/ pen drives necessary for the event, according to their respective themes. College would not provide anything to the participants
  4. A green room with a mirror would be provided to each team
  5. Participants have to report 3 hours before the event is scheduled
  6. Teams should not exceed given time limit, or they will be marked negatively
  7. Vulgarity is strictly prohibited. Any form of obscenity will lead to debarring the team from the contest
  8. Use of cigarettes, fire, candles, and alcohol is strictly prohibited
  9. Teams will be given 5 minutes for quick stage familiarization
  10. Decision of the judges shall be final and binding

Judgement Criteria:

  1. Costumes
  2. Theme
  3. Walking stance
  4. Attitude
  5. Creativity
  6. Use of prop


Mohit Sidana (9772172400)

Ayushi Sah (9837010095)



Afreen Sheikh (9166947386)

 Surya Pratap Singh (8290667197)