Art Events


Art is a language only the heart can decipher. Pick up your brushes and paint the vistas of your imagination with colours that give your artwork a voice.


Star Walls


Does a plain brick wall irk you? Do your fingers itch to grab a can of paint spray? If you are as gutsy as Banksy and this concrete jungle is your canvas in abundance then Zest calls upon you to put your deft hands to work and beautify the concrete with your artistic voice – your graffiti, because you are not “just another brick in the wall.”

Rules and Regulations:

  1. It is a team event. The team consists of 2 members
  2. The event comprises of two rounds:

Round 1: Preliminary (1 hour)

Theme: Open

Round 2: Urban Art War (2 hours)

Theme: To be disclosed on-spot (one hour prior to the event)
  1. Do not copy someone else's work
  2. Participants must bring their own colours and brushes for the first round, as per their requirement
  3. Canvas for the first round will be provided by the college
  4. Only 2 cans of spray paints will be given in the final round
  5. No adult content shall be entertained
  6. Derogatory behavior can lead to disqualification
  7. Decision of the judge(s) shall be final and binding

Judgement Criteria:

  1. Lettering: Showcase fresh and solid lettering structures
  2. Concept: The crew must address the assigned word with a concept. This is where characters, backgrounds, and messaging will be considered. The concept will be provided by the organizer
  3. Colour: Judges will consider innovative use of colour to make the art pieces burn
  4. Originality: Judges would look for something new and different than what is usually done.  Style must be unique, as opposed to clearly being a derivative of someone else's style
  5. Technique: Control over the technique and what is done with techniques will set the  piece apart from the pack
Manager Coordinator
Kunal Gupta (9251026700) Priyanka Rathore (8118803447)


(Rangoli Making)

  Zest’19 brings you Rangoli Making. So, what’s new? It is an oxymoron through and through: Traditionally Modern. Rangoli making is an art, and just like any art it pushes artists’ boundaries beyond the ordinary. Even colours can wan down by stale ideas, so zest up the vista of your Kalakriti with your unique voice. Do your vistas imbue your voice? If so, then Kalakriti is just for you.  

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Participants must register either individually or in a team of two (maximum)
  2. Rangoli should depict a theme related to Traditional Art
  3. Participants need to explain a correlation between their creation and the theme to the judge(s) within 50 seconds
  4. The size of Rangoli should not exceed 3*3 ft.
  5. Participants have to bring their own supplies for Rangoli
  6. Flower petals, saw-dust, pulses, rice, rangoli colors can be used
  7. Participants will be provided with chalks
  8. Use of paints and poster colours is not allowed
  9. All sorts of pasting materials are strictly prohibited
  10. Teams are strictly advised not to disclose their identity or the name of their college/ institution during the course of the event, or through their Rangoli design
  11. Teams will be marked negatively if they exceed the time limit of 2 hours
  12. Decision of the judge(s) shall be final and binding.

Judgement Criteria:

  1. Creativity
  2. Originality
  3. Quality of artistic composition
  4. Thematic unity
  5. Overall impression of the art
  Manager: Mohit Bhatia (9584899820)   Coordinator: Jaya Katta (9001848941)

Salad Sensation

(Salad Decoration)

  Love to hate me? Never crave me? Spit me out like hot wasabi? Not anymore!   Low-carb food and veggies look as boring as they taste. You can't do much about how they taste but you sure can change how they look! Can your aesthetic skills transform salad into something that gives us a reason to chow down those greens? Play with colours red, green, and pink and make it all look fancy and artistic but most importantly drool worthy. Make the Caesar of Salads and conquer all taste buds. (Salad Pun!)  

Rules & Regulations:

  1. This is a team event
  2. Team size may vary from 2 to 3 members
  3. Time duration for Salad Decoration Competition is 45 minutes
  4. Participants must bring their own vegetables, fruits and other salad ingredients
  5. Participants must bring their own tools, utensils, equipment and other supplies; use of hand gloves is highly advised
  6. Organizer will not be responsible for any damage or loss of personal possessions
  7. Non-vegetarian ingredients are forbidden
  8. Participants may prepare all the ingredients prior to the event; the final preparation, presentation and decoration shall be done at the competition venue
  9. Participating teams must name their salad
  10. Participants must leave their workstations in a neat and tidy condition
  11. Teams have to prepare servings for 2 people
  12. Decision made by the judges shall be final and binding

Judgement Criteria:

  1. Taste
  2. Presentation
  3. Creativity
  4. Hygiene
  5. Cleanliness
  Manager: Kashish Peswani (8529247791)   Coordinator: Tushar Arora(8559975083)

Food Fiesta

(Non-Gas Cooking)

  It is always summer in the kitchen, they say. Well, to prove them wrong and to go over the culinary skills with a fine-tooth comb; a wise man once came up with a scrumptious idea- Non-Gas Cooking, it was. Want to give it a try? Be our guest.  

Rules and Regulations: 

  1. This is a team event
  2. Team size: 2 members
  3. Participants must bring their own tools, utensils, equipment and other supplies; use of hand gloves is highly advised
  4. Teams have to prepare servings for 2 people
  5. The event comprises of two rounds:

Round 1: Budding Buds

  • One member of the team will be blindfolded & has to taste the ingredients provided by the organizers
  • Only 2 minutes will be given for tasting & guessing the ingredient
  • If the participant is not able to guess the ingredient, the team will get a randomly selected ingredient by the organizing committee for the second round

Round 2: Simmer Down

  • The ingredient which will be given in Round 1 should be the main component of the dish prepared
  • Each team must prepare servings for two
  • Participants must bring their own utensils, equipment, tools and other supplies
  • Total time allotted will be 60 minutes. Participants will take turns on the workstation to prepare the dish (one at a time) for 15 minutes each. After half an hour both members of the team will work together
  • Team has to give a name to the dish prepared
  • Negative marking will be done if any pre-cooked ingredient is found in the presented dish
  • Teams are required to bring all the necessary ingredients for cooking
  • No form of alcohol or intoxicating ingredients are allowed for the preparation
  • Participants must chop fruits or vegetables on the spot
  • No storage/refrigerator shall be provided by the college
  • Use of mobile phones is not allowed
  • Use of fire is strictly prohibited
  • Derogatory behavior shall lead to disqualification
  • Manager is not responsible for any kind of loss

Judgement Criteria:

  1. Taste
  2. Creativity
  3. Knowledge of the ingredients
  4. Presentation
  5. Innovation
  Manager: Kashish Peswani (8529247791)   Coordinator: Disha Shara (8387960177)  


(Face Painting)

  If given a choice, what would you paint – what’s on the face, a matter of appearance or pretentions? Or would you rather choose your own colours and create an alter ego? Pick up your paints and brushes to bring out the painter in you. Paint and represent vistas on the face; splatter the colours of your voice. Carve your new identity here at Zest’19.  

Rules and Regulations:

  1. This is a team event
  2. Team size: 2 members – one painter and one model
  3. Participants must carry their own paints and brushes. No resources shall be provided
  4. Participants are bound to follow the theme of Zest’19 – Voices & Vistas
  5. Time limit:2 hours
  6. Participants have to give a brief explanation about their art to the judges. Presentation time will be 1-2 minutes
  7. Any team violating above rules is subject to elimination

Judgement Criteria:

  1. Innovation
  2. Painting skills
  3. Clarity and neatness
  4. Originality
  5. Presentation
  Manager: Mehul Agarwal (8239555542) Coordinator: Vaishnavi Agarwal


(Collage Making)

  Create an artwork, an assemblage of different forms, recreate a new tapestry of your expressions. This is your chance to portray your creativity and to transform your oneiric voice and outlook into reality.  

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Time limit:2 hours
  2. This is a team event. Each team must have 2 members
  3. No material will be provided to the participants
  4. Teams must submit a one-page write-up, explaining the correlation between the theme “Voices & Vistas” and their artwork, neatly written on A4 size paper, along with the names of all the participants and affiliation details
  5. Extra points shall be awarded for neatness
  6. Teams will be disqualified on exceeding the time, deviating from the theme or unsatisfactory explanation to the jury
  7. Decision of judges shall be final and binding

Judgement Criteria:

  1. Creativity
  2. Innovation
  3. Clarity/Neatness
  Manager: Sourabh Sewani (9983130738) Coordinator: Jahanvi Singh (7220096300)