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Mystic Mosaic

Hop on to a voyage to the kingdom of Mystical Medley, where a soul’s ecstasy gets the shining experience of a world full of unsolved mysteries, where one braces infusions through connection of small fragmented art to ignite a big flammable spirit within all!
With closed eyes and whispering lips, every individual has mystifying thoughts/plans that they do not know they are capable of, until brought to reality under situations/circumstances putting forth surreal magic and leaving others with glimpses of glorious saga.
Sometimes, we tend to get lost in this magical world of astonishing mosaics when trying to find our way out. Other times, we let go of little clues while focussing on the bigger picture. But are those small pieces really small?
To celebrate this sparkling journey of life, this year, come, step into the 8th edition of Zest, wherein we celebrate expression and magical imagination of one’s manifestation to take a lifelong experience, making our own way through this plaid of unleashing talents, driving our energies towards unravelling the mystical pieces within, in Zest ‘20: Mystic Mosaic.

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